What An Airbrush Cleaning Pot Is & How It Works!

Ever wonder what an airbrush cleaning pot is, or how it works?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today I want to discuss the workings behind the airbrush cleaning pot, and why it is so important that you use one when cleaning your airbrush. Specifically when flushing cleaner, or other medium’s through your airbrush…

Anyway, without further adieu, lets get learning.

What Is An Airbrush Cleaning Pot

An airbrush cleaning pot is a small jar with a lid that has an inlet side, and an outlet side. The inlet side is meant for the nose of the airbrush while the outlet side is equipped with a filter and left open for exiting air flow to escape.

The airbrush cleaning pot allows you to flush out your airbrush without exposing yourself to any of the atomized solution flowing from the airbrush. As the cleaning pots’ main purpose is to contain any atomized material within the jar by filtering it out of the air via the filter on the outlet side of the lid.

Simply put, the airbrush cleaning pot keeps you, as well others that my be in the vicinity safe from inhalation of atomized medium when flushing out the airbrush. But that’s assuming the cleaning pot is used correctly

How An Airbrush Cleaning Pot Works

An airbrush cleaning pot works by containing any atomized material inside the jar and filtering the exiting air via the filter on the outlet side of the lid.

The cleaning pot provides you a contained location to flush any cleaning solution or medium through the airbrush without exposing yourself to particles of the atomized material.

The point when your most at risk (Health wise) when airbrushing is when spraying large amounts of material through the airbrush, whether that be a cleaning solution or the last of the paint in your airbrush…

This is because, it is at this point when the air is at its greatest contamination point, due to the excessive amount of material sprayed through the airbrush.

But by utilizing a cleaning pot, you reduce the risk on your health significantly, as the cleaning pot will contain the atomized material within the jar. Rather then allowing it to collect inside your lungs…

I personally began airbrushing with the assumption that an airbrush cleaning pot was over rated. However, a few times of flushing the airbrush without a containment pot and I quickly found just how badly the air in the vicinity would become contaminated with over-spray… I would literally find myself holding my breath as I flushed the airbrush, then I’d have to walk away for a moment, both to catch a breath, as well as, let the over-spray settle…

Haha, I did this for longer then I’d care to admit. Simply because I was stubborn, and didn’t care to get a cleaning pot… But I finally did, and I’ve been happy with it ever since.


Though the airbrush cleaning pot is very simple in terms of how it works. It can make a large impact on your overall cleaning experience. Simply because it contains any atomized material within the jar rather then allowing it to make its way into your lungs…

A cleaning pot works to maintain a safe environment for the airbrush user as well as those in the vicinity. As it contains the majority of atomized material within the jar.

If you are considering getting an airbrush cleaning pot / jar, I highly recommend it. As it is a product that can significantly reduce your risk to the harmful side of airbrushing…

The cleaning pot I personally use can be found HERE on amazon. But you can also make your own airbrush cleaning pot if you’d like.

Anyway, I hope you were able to find some value here! If you have any further questions regarding the airbrush do be sure to take a look around the website. Airbrush Insider is dedicated to helping all in the airbrush community!

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