About Colt G.

Hi, my name is Colton, but most know me by Colt. I am the main guy behind Airbrush Insider. Nearly all the information you’ll find on “Airbrush Insider” will have my hand involved so to say. But that’s a topic for another time.

You came here because you want to know if the information on this website is from someone who knows their stuff when it comes to Airbrushing, Or simply whether or not Colt is even a physical human being to begin with.


Well, I’m no professional airbrush artist that has been in the game for decades. However, I am a living, breathing person and I do consider myself to be quite intelligent, and willing to experiment with things in order to achieve a flawless result.

Simply put,

I like to test the boundaries a little bit in order to find new and better ways to go about achieving specific tasks and so forth… And when it comes to airbrushing the same story still applies.

My Story

Back in Junior High, and High School my favorite classes were “Art”, and “Ceramics”. I just really enjoyed the process of building up a piece to my desired specs. Granted the teachers would typically give the class guidelines to follow, but I didn’t really seem to care.

I mean, yes I would try to stay within the boundary’s set. However, their were definitely times that I simply had to do something to make my piece stand out among the crowd… Whether it be distinct features, or simply a more realistic feel I was always trying to push the boundaries of both myself and the class in a whole. I guess you could say I have a competitive side…

As time went on I found myself really enjoying the process of utilizing gradients in order to create photorealistic 3D work. Basically speaking, I wanted to make it feel as if my work would literally be jumping off the page.

Now, keep in mind this is during my high school days, and the only tool I had used up until this point was a pencil, at least for any of my drawings. And if you’ve tried to achieve realistic shading and gradients with a pencil you likely know just how difficult it can be…

I mean, you have to use as little pressure as possible otherwise lines will be left behind inside the shaded portions, making the piece look less then realistic.

Which I mean isn’t a huge deal, except I’m and excessive perfectionist, especially when it comes to my work. And for this reason I would find myself getting very frustrated with my work simply because it was so difficult for me to achieve the shadows and gradients I desired.

Well fortunately, a little after high school I was exposed to the world of airbrushing. And Wow, It was as if the frustration had completely dissipated! You see, my favorite part about art is using gradients to bring out the piece. But using a pencil made this quite difficult for me.

After the first time I tried an airbrush I was hooked! And I have been ever since. I guess you could say I was using the wrong tool for my desired style. Granted I still use a pencil often. However, I try to use my airbrush as much as possible.

Keep in mind a large part as to why people use an airbrush is to achieve realistic gradients and shadows inside their work. You see, the thing about the airbrush that makes it so easy to create realistic shadows, is simply the fact that you can adjust the width of your line and the amount of paint coming through the brush all with minimal on the fly adjustments.

Now, again I don’t consider myself some high end, professional artist. However, I do enspire to be, and I’m continually progressing my craft!

Why I Started Airbrush Insider

The learning curve for me was quite extensive in the beginning, and I didn’t take this endeavor of airbrushing lightly. I was watching YouTube videos about airbrushing left and right, I would be studying different techniques and so forth… But I quickly came to realize that there was a limited amount of information on the topic of airbrushing.

So I decided I would take some of my experience, and accumulated study and begin to fill some of the cracks on the topic of airbrushing. You see, when I got into airbrushing the available information was quite limited, at least on the internet.

And I spent hours searching, trying to learn different aspects of airbrushing such as:

“What style of airbrush to get”

“What specs to look for in a compressor”

“How to mix / thin the paint for an airbrush”

and so forth. I found myself having to ask my peers, and relying on trial and error in order to achieve the tasks I desired.

This got me thinking of all the people out there who may be intimidated by learning how to airbrush, and decide to pass on it. Simply because of the limited information available, and minimal guidance along the way. I know I felt this way when I initially began, and even considered passing up airbrushing simply because of cost, and all that I had to learn… But I’m glad I didn’t!

Anyway, long story short, I decided to build up Airbrush Insider to create a resource for all who want to get involved, or are involved in the world of airbrushing.

Basically I want to do all I can to help others continue to progress in their airbrush endeavor. The rest is History!