Recommended Gear

Here you will find my absolute favorite airbrush equipment and supplies. Everything on this list I am currently using today.

Recommended Airbrush Equipment – My Tested Picks

I have spent a significant amount of time researching and testing mountains of different airbrush equipment and supplies. Based on my experience & findings I have come up with a list of, what I’m proud to call: My favorite and most reliable airbrush equipment & supplies. To which I’ll excited to share with you!

Keep in mind, the products found on this list were selected based on the amount of value they provide based on the price. Said simply, these items are what I believe will provide you the most “Band For Your Buck”, so to say. I’m not looking to sale you on the highest end items available. I’m simply looking to provide you with options that are best suited for your price range, and your skill level. 

Everything here has been tested, and meets my standards. Some items on this list even exceeded my standards and expectations. I expect them to do the same for you.

My Favorite Airbrush:

My current favorite airbrush, the airbrush I use on a daily basis is the Iwata Eclipse

My Favorite Airbrush Compressor:

My favorite airbrush compressor to date it the Harbor Freight Fortress 2-gallon silent air compressor. I’ve been using it rigorously for years and it has always been ready to go! My second place to the fortress is the California Air 2-gallon compressor.

Recommended Airbrush Supplies – My Tested Picks

The supplies list for airbrushing can easily get out of hand. From paints, and reducers to, cleanup, and care. You can easily find yourself thinking you need everything in the store in order to start airbrushing. 

I know I felt that way in the beginning. Especially after seeing the amount of paints & supplies some had! But after sitting down and walking through the process I was able to craft a supplies list for everything I would need in order to get started airbrushing, and continue to for a while. 

Well, here I am simply giving you my supplies list, minus the item purchased thinking I would use, but now know I never will… I hope you find it useful!

My Favorite Airbrush Paints:

I’ve tried a lot of different paint through my airbrush. Anything from cheap acrylic paints that can be picked up for under a dollar to airbrush ready high-end paint. Based on my experience, I really came to enjoy using Createx Illustration Colors. They work great for pretty much any type of airbrushing, and they flow well through the airbrush when reduced correctly.

That being said, my favorite airbrush paint for beginners would be Iwata’s Com Art! Perfect for those learning to airbrush, as these paints do not require the user to reduce the viscosity of the paint. Which can be the hardest, and most frustrating part of learning to airbrush.