My Favorite Airbrush!

Introducing the Neo For Iwata (Available On Amazon)

I have personally been using the Neo for over a year now (at the time of this writing), and I haven’t had a single issue with it. Aside from the issues that were caused due to my own Illiteracy…

But I can’t say enough good things about this airbrush. The fit and finish is flawless both inside and out.

The Neo provides the absolute best bang for your buck in my opinion no doubt! It has surprised me many times over, over the past year plus that I’ve been using it, and I believe it will surprise you as well.

The Neo is a double action airbrush, with a 0.35mm Needle / Nozzle assembly. The 0.35mm Needle & Nozzle assembly is a great middle ground in terms of capability. Its small enough that you can achieve fine detailed artwork. Yet large enough to achieve complete coverage in a timely manor.

If you are a beginner to intermediate airbrush user looking for either your first or second airbrush? The Neo is a great option, maybe even the best option.

But don’t just take my word for it. There are countless users of the Neo all over the internet expressing their experience with the Neo, And truth be told most couldn’t be happier. Check out some of these reviews Here on amazon.

Think about this too, Iwata is one of the biggest airbrush companies out there, and, I may be wrong, but… I highly doubt Iwata would let just anyone put there name (“Iwata”) on an airbrush that is not manufactured directly from them…

Also, I should probably say, I’m very meticulous when it comes to getting new airbrush equipment. I’ll research for days before even considering to buy, and that’s what I did before I decided to go with the Iwata Neo.

When it came down to it, it was a fight between the Neo & the 105 Patriot by Badger. But based on the experience users were having, I just had to go with the Neo…

I guess you could say, I expect my money to go as far as it can in terms of value, otherwise I’d just assume save it…

Even though there were some close competitors, such as the Badger Patriot, I decided to go with the Iwata Neo for it’s versatility, and slightly lower price point.

The Badger Patriot, though a close competitor, it came with a 0.5mm Needle and Nozzle assembly, while the Neo came with a 0.35mm Needle and Nozzle assembly. The smaller Needle & Nozzle assembly on the Neo was much more attractive to me, simply for its ability to achieve finer detail.

But if you have not intentions on airbrushing detail, the Badger may be a good option.

So in terms of versatility, The Neo takes it. It will do fine detail lines well, while still being able to paint for coverage.

Pros & Cons Of The Neo

Advantages Of The NeoDisadvantages Of The Neo
Low Cost, But Great ValueSeals Aren’t Solvent Resistant (But easy to upgrade)
ReliableNozzle Threads Can Shear Easily If Care Isn’t Taken When Re-Assembling
Quality Finish
Comes With 2 Paint Cups
Easy To Work On / Clean
Parts Are Easily Accessible

Iwata is known as one of the top companies in the airbrush game. I have been very happy with all my Iwata equipment. However, though the Neo is said to not have been made by Iwata them selves, rather it was made for Iwata.

As you can see, the Iwata Neo comes with many advantages that others in the same class don’t come close to… And for the price (Check current pricing Here) you just can’t beat it.

However, I would say the Neo is more of a Beginner to Intermediate airbrush. Simply because it comes equipped with a 0.35mm Needle & Head assembly. If your looking to do advanced detail work, a Needle & Head assembly of 0.2mm or less is going to be Ideal.

The smaller the Needle & Head assembly size, the finer the spray pattern. Meaning, the easier it will be to achieve very fine detail.

But keep in mind, a fine size Needle & Head assembly doesn’t do very well for coverage as say a 0.5mm Needle & Nozzle Assembly would.

Part of why the Neo Is currently my favorite airbrush is due to its versatility. Having a Needle & Nozzle assembly size of 0.35mm. You basically get the best of both worlds. The airbrush can do fine detail work. While still being able to achieve coverage.


The Neo for Iwata is probably one of the best options to go with it it’s your first airbrush. I have scoured the internet for airbrushes below 100$, and the Neo is the only one that has shown great promise (In my opinion).

And based on my experience with the airbrush. I truly believe its the best budget friendly option.

Its much cheaper then many of the higher end options, yet comes close in terms of capability.

If your in the market for an airbrush, do be sure to consider the Neo For Iwata!

This is Colt signing off!